About Me

You want to change

You must change

You are committed to change

You are prepared to do whatever it takes


About You

You want to change. You must change. You are committed to change.

You are prepared to do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Your desired life is > the way that you are currently living.

You may have tried before. You may have tried many times and now you are ready to listen, to really listen, to be vulnerable and be uncomfortable because the life you want is worth it!

Your Word needs to build in strength. When you say you will do something, you do it!

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About Me – Jonathan

I love change. I need to keep growing so I am committed to supporting you embrace the needed changes for the life you want.

I have had to do whatever it took and I continue to do so with passion. ‘Whatever it takes’ includes hitting limits, recovering and then extending our limits.

Upper’ Limits – Things in our life are going so well that we become egotistical and let go of humility, gratitude, hunger and discipline with the consequences to follow …

‘Lower’ Limits – Things in our life are going so badly that we lose all respect for ourselves, we limit our interactions with others and contemplate that people may be better of without interacting with us …

My future ≠ a continuation of my past

I have had to recovery from ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ limit collisions and be ready to listen to and really hear others who had both experience and skills that could support me in recalibrating my sense of self including the new additional experience from banging my head against those ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ limits. I was able to set my compass towards the North Star again and continue on my voyage with a better sense of direction towards my vision of the world that I want to help create for myself and others and I would love to share this with you!

My Word is being forged into a stronger metal with each collision with a life lesson and I am building a sensitivity to any discrepancies in myself and others which allows us to identify them and decide what approach to take next.

I look forward to your journey on this path to a better life that we can create for ourselves!

Love in its truest sense, Jonathan